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Customizable Video Mailer MediaBuk

  • 5” HD IPS Screen (854×480)
  • 2 hour rechargeable lithium battery
  • 1 Gig of memory (30+ minutes of video)

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Customizable Video Box MediaBuk

  • 8” HD IPS Screen (1280 x 800)
  • 13.75” x 11.5” x 3.5” Finished Size
  • 1 Gig of memory (30+ minutes of video)
  • Ideal for swag, samples, or gifts

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This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

Video Mailer MediaBuk

  • 5” HD IPS Screen (854×480)
  • 2 hour rechargeable lithium battery
  • 1 Gig of memory (30+ minutes of video)
  • 3.5” x 1” logo or image window size

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This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

From treasured moments to business communications

Purposes For MediaBuk

Aren't videos wonderful for recording treasured moments or accomplishing important business? Or how they enhance communication by combining images with sound and motion? If you enjoy them, MediaBuk is right for you. Not only does it make recipients feel special, but it also makes messages unforgettable.


Weddings are a time when videos are often recorded. With MediaBuk, now there’s a classy and impressive place to cherish and rewatch them. They’re ideal for announcements and thank-yous as well.


In life, there are many important accomplishments. Graduating from high school and/or college fits right in with practically any of them. Fortunately, MediaBuk provides an ideal place to store, watch, and share videos whenever you want to relive those moments.


Trying to think of an amazing way to ask someone to marry you? Or, would you like to present a business proposal in an extraordinary way? MediaBuks sweeps people off their feet making proposals thrilling and unforgettable.


Isn’t the holiday season just the best? We think it is, and the pictures and memories from it are awesome! If you’re one who typically shoots videos to share memories that will last for years and years, MediaBuk provides a perfect way to save and re-experience them.


In business, MediaBuk is highly effective for sales, marketing, how-to demonstrations, reporting, training, recognition, and recruiting. As an ideal door-opener and ice-breaker, the ROI is fantastic!


If you’d like to help yourself stand out from competitors, using a MediaBuk to present your resume in video will make you unforgettable. Seriously, decision-makers value applicants with ingenuity.

Special Events

Life is filled with special events, like birthday parties, anniversaries, award ceremonies, work parties and vacations. With MediaBuk, now you can pull events right from your phone and keep them in a shareable piece that your family and friends will think is super cool.

Celebrations of Life

To celebrate the life of a deceased loved one, a MediaBuk is a nice addition to any funeral or memorial. Friends and families will be touched by the high-quality tribute to those who remain forever in their hearts.


Stories arouse emotions, and emotions prompt people to donate to worthy causes. Videos are one of the best ways to present stories, and MediaBuk has helped companies skyrocket the number of donations they receive.

Memories in Motion

Watch this video to see how to customize your MediaBuks with videos, photos, and logos.

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Industry-leaders in video marketing products

About Our Company

Our parent-company, MediaFast, is an industry-leader in custom video brochures, video mailers, and video boxes. That said, we wanted to make them affordable in any quantity and attainable without the wait for customization. That's why we invented and patented MediaBuk.

Our History

Our parent company, MediaFast, has helped others succeed for over 33 years.

Our Mission

To provide industry-leading video marketing products with outstanding customer service.

Our Values

We’re determined to sell quality products while only selling what our customers want or need.

Marketing in Motion

Watch this video to see how MediaBuk can help you market your business.

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2 hours play on a single charge

Rechargeable & Reloadable

Woman-owned Business

Same-day shipping Options

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One of the many ways to use MediaBuk

Customer Testimonial Video

While there are many purposes for using MediaBuk, the following is a sweet video from one of our happy customers explaining how he and his family used it. Remember, MediaBuk comes in different versions, and listed below are different purposes for using them.

Education and ideas ready for you

Featured Blog Posts

Here you’ll find ideas, best practices, testimonials, and videos to help you use and enjoy MediaBuk however you’d like.

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