Sean Breeding and Heather Bansmer, authors of the popular Sea of Cortez: A, Cruising Guide and Pacific Mexico: A Cruising Guide, include a table at the end of each book that lists the suggested waypoints, with logically named labels and descriptions. See our MAPS OF MEXICO page to get your bearings. Especially in the Sea of Cortez where the wind wraps around the towering mountains, changing its direction. Unauthorized Guide to Sailing in Mexico (English Edition) eBook: Kaufman, Eric: Kindle-Shop This translates to somewhere around 5-10% of all the miles we have covered as the crow flies. SAILING IN MEXICO. Finding a Fifth Wheel Trailer or Toy Hauler to be a Full-time Home! For us it made sense to get the, Our DC fridge and freezer eat up about 100-120 amp hours every 24 hours. The rest of the time it is usually just offset to one side or the other and it is easy to see where you should go and, Note: we receive a 4-6% commission -- at no cost to you --. If you are fussy about drinking water it is easy to stock up with bottled water in gallon containers, as it is. We found these simple handles make all the difference in the world. Take a short walk inland to spot incredible species of shore birds, or take the hotel shuttle to the city to check out the seawall which gives a perfect view of … There are several amateur weather forecasters who give their predictions on various SSB radio nets. The Mayan Riviera is comprised of the area south of the tip of the Yucatan .It stretches along 75 miles of the Mexican Caribbean coastline in the southeastern part of the Yucatan Peninsula. Happy Trails!! In addition, things break, and suddenly The Boat turns into a 50-hour-a-week job with no time left for, sightseeing and enjoying Mexico itself. Harbormaster Gerónimo Cevallos The posts are. VHF: channel 16, Marina Riviera Nayarit — La Cruz de Huanacaxtle On good sunny days we get anywhere from 150 amps in December/January to 230 amps in June/July. Communication devices such as the Iridium GO! We are located in beautiful Puerto Vallarta Mexico. The boat cleaning towels are perfect for giving the boat a, We got four 3" candles at Bed Bath and Beyond, and they make the cabin very homey, especially since our. These are things we. These are some goodies we found extremely useful that are not usually on the list for outfitting cruising boats. Afterward, sip on complimentary beverages on … This effectively makes the external wifi, signal onshore available to multiple computers on board via local wifi. We’re Alive and Well and Camping in Arizona! From January 6 to April 7, Wooden Boat Festival is hosting a series of eight behind-the-scenes interviews and demonstrations followed by Q&A sessions. How to RV Full-time with a RZR. Each video is available individually at Amazon, either as a DVD or as a download. That's because SSB, unlike satphones, allows an unlimited number of people to listen to a transmission at the same time. We. Our hot water heater holds 11 gallons and relies on the engine to heat the water. 011-52 (624) 105-6028 A centuries-old adage claims, "You can tell a lot about a sailor by the cut of his jib." Before setting out, we purchased Pat Rains' Mexico Boating Guide and Charlie's Charts of Mexico by Charles and Margo Wood, as well as the two books by Bansmer/Breeding. Cruising Guide to Belize and Mexico's Caribbean Coast, Including Guatemala's Rio Dulce This significantly reduces the number of, salty, wet terry cloth towels we have lying around. Navigation in Mexico with a modern electronic chartplotter and radar overlay is a cinch. amzn_assoc_link_id = "J7LBEC72KY6UVUG6"; We use them when anchoring, which makes, the whole process much less stressful and a lot more polite as we can discuss what's going on while Mark scopes out the, anchorage at the bow and I stand at the wheel. The Best Sailing in Los Cabos. In order to sail in Mexico you, have to be willing to tack, to sail dead downwind and to sail at 2 or 3 knots. The chain's pattern on the sand was very pretty. Latitude reader Derek Rice and a buddy recently had big fun tapping into the region's magic aboard a 44-year-old Catalina 22 daysailer. They include: Adapting to living in a very foreign country, The best course you can take before you go, Where the wind is -- and isn't -- and the best places to sail, Major upgrades for marina-based versus anchor-based living, All it takes is one provisioning run to realize that you're not in Kansas any more, and it can be quite a culture shock. The other day I heard a Mexican voice say in Spanish, "This, channel is for serious mariners, not animals." is generally about the time we are ready to move on anyways. bulbs with LED bulbs. amzn_assoc_default_search_key = ""; Vallarta) is reportedly another good spot. After two days at anchor it's not hot any more. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. On the trip south the only, place without internet via TelCel is Cedros Island. Groovy's solar panels on their arch support. Solar Power and Watermaker - Living on the Hook! or a few miles apart. - There is a page for California to Mexico that offer wind and wave forecasts. toll-free 01 855-578-6222 Rather than worrying about time zones and, being exact, I simply subtract 6 hours to try to keep it simple and easy reading these charts, as the forecasts are given, for 3, 6, 9 and 12 am and pm. Starting north of the border with a slew of upgrades., it is really tempting to continue taking on huge boat upgrade, projects in Mexico. Private sailing charters that will give you the freedom to hang out with friends and enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean in Quintana Roo. other, but is more varied, less touristy and has fewer gringos than most of the other coastal cities. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; The water at the marinas is good. Volume 1 (left) reviews the geography, weather and seasons in Mexico and shows you what the best anchorages between Ensenada and Manzanillo are like. Assist. website Mexico Luxury Yacht Charter Guide From the Caribbean Sea in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west, a yacht charter vacation in Mexico offers everything from snow-capped mountains to fauna covered beaches. Embark on a refreshing and stimulating sailing adventure. We have sailed about half of the time that we have been in transit north of Cabo Corrientes and 10% of the time south of there. We tie the shower bag outside the bathroom window and run the nozzle through, the window to the shower. These are rated for 36 miles, but they require line of, sight to achieve that distance. Subtract 6 hours from UTC to get approximate local time. Mexico Boating Guide [updated January 2020] This trusted cruising guide covers in great detail both coasts of Baja, the entire Sea of Cortez and all mainland Pacific Mexico to the Guatemala border. To get there, though, requires surmounting the hurdle that is the long, largely unprotected coastline down to Cabo San Lucas, the southernmost tip of … The posts are not, - Gives high resolution graphic images for the Sea of Cortez that are accurate if you, - This gives a nice synopsis, including sea. El Cid, Mazatlan. But when it comes to modern cruisers, nothing reveals more about their sailing style than the 'back porch' of their boat. The Boating Guide to Mexico, by Capts John Rains and Patricia Miller, was the most recent, and probably the best. The panels need to be installed so they are not shadowed and they need to be, wired in parallel. Slips: 90, from 30 to 120 ft; end ties: 4 On overnight passages they make the cabin feel warm and secure. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "rlt-search-20";, Marina Puerto Los Cabos — San Jose del Cabo, Slips 200, from 30-260 ft Captain Kupps’ Ocean Adventures-Mexico Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (866) 578-2636 It took, us quite while to figure out which buttons to push to get the various frequencies, and the nets often change, frequencies slightly up or down if the official frequency is in use when the net is supposed to begin. VHF: channel 16, Slips 353, from 30 to 109 ft, end ties: 64 to 100 ft For Cruising Gear and Expertise, Find Everything You Need at: Please visit our store near Shelter Island in San Diego or shop online on our new website:, Heading South: Latitude 38's Guide to Sailing and Cruising the Coast of Mexico and Central America, Cruising Notes—Things to Know Before You Go. Reports from people who have sailed into them are that you can cut them fairly easily with a knife. US free 1-855-513-4080 fax: 011-52 (612) 125-5900 bit of water into gallon jugs. line, ABC Bus (Spanish language website, prices in pesos) which runs between the Tijuana border and downtown Ensenada. the tanks for a few hours or overnight, just so they don't disappear while at the shop. Lashing the boom off to one, side often helps. South of Cabo Corrientes -- the Gold Coast More . At this time, the weather is usually nice and warm in the whole country. There are many fancy ways to create shade screens, and lots of people use a mesh that keeps, out 75% to 90% of the UV rays. Snorkeling over our 60 lb. Their volunteer work is extremely generous and they take their self-assigned jobs very, Geary's 3-day forecasts for the passages down the outside of the Baja peninsuala (San Diego to Cabo) and the two Sea of, Cortez crossings (north and south crossing) are all excellent. Call . Latitude 38's. Since 1968, West Marine has grown to over 250 local stores, with knowledgeable Associates happy to assist. Etc., etc. VHF: channel 16. Supplement to "Spend a Season in Baja," from our June 2008 issue . For instance, from West, Marine's parking lot on Shelter Island Drive all the way down to the Police Dock. watermakers that produce 6-12 gallons per hour. --Emily & Mark Fagan, traveling full-time by RV & sailboat since 2007. Santiago Weather.html - Posted by amateur meteorologist, Stan from Manzanillo Bay, there are separate links for each region of Mexico including the Tehuantepec. increase your on-board water supply without having to store the bottles on deck when they're empty. Mexico ChartGuide West had lots of great information, too, but it’s also out of print. Produced by the Latitude 38 staff, who remind you to 'keep in touch’ during your travels. Doesn't sitting in a hot tub or, visiting the extensive but distant Mayan ruins and dramatic landscapes sound better than overseeing a worker installing your, If you stay at a marina for a few weeks and are then in transit for a week or two before settling into the next marina, a Yamaha, or Honda 2000 generator will keep the batteries happy on days you don't use your engine, and a large alternator will top them, off when you motor between anchorages. Curious about the price or specs for something similar to an item mentioned on this page? On the boat we use much more. If you won't be. With the ever-expanding assortment of communications devices designed for offshore sailing, comes the dilemma of deciding which ones belong on your 'must-have' list, and which ones you can live without — especially if you're on a limited budget. The Cruising Guide to Central and Southern California provides comprehensive coverage of all the anchorages and harbors from the Golden Gate Bridge to Ensenada, Mexico, including the offshore islands. Trend Sailing / Thomas Scheutzel Die Baja California (ca. Cabo Sails offers guests an enjoyable and memorable VIP experience aboard any one of their six different … Our overhead cockpit light has a red LED bulb, and. fax 011-52 (646) 175-0058 We have met a lot of boats in Mexico that found they did not installed enough solar power before starting out and decided to, add more in Mexico. amzn_assoc_width = "auto"; The 2.5 gallon shower bags are. Written by active cruisers & professional mariners for recreational boaters: 398 pages, 450 photos, 300 GPS-accurate charts, concise text covers safe approaches & anchorages, what’s … - Has a good graphic layout that shows where in the tide sequence you are right now. Harbormaster Rafael Alcántara Luarte A good inexpensive source for LED bulbs is In our research we discovered, that most DC watermakers require running the engine to keep the batteries at a, high enough voltage for the watermaker to operate well, so getting an engine driven unit that produces five times more water, made sense to us. Get serious, make the time, invest the money, and take some classes! If you have good sized water tanks you can manage with onboard water from the last. The articles give you tips, ideas, background information, sailing itineraries and local points of view so you can … "When do the boat projects end and the cruising begin?" We use about 20 to 30 gallons of water a day. We have found they work over several miles with buildings in between. The biggest problem with shade screens is that the boat rotates, so you need, coverage around the entire cockpit or you will go nuts constantly moving the shade screens from one. water when boondocking can be tricky. Placing panels near or under radomes, wind generators, or the boom will make it very easy for shadows to creep onto one of the panels, and severely impair the system. Windows only. We replaced all of our incandescent lamp bulbs with LED bulbs, and we replaced two overhead halogen. Our favorite places for, daysailing have been Manzanillo Bay (south end of the Costa Alegre (Gold Coast)), Loreto Bay between Isla Carmen and the, Baja peninsula north of La Paz in the Sea of Cortez, Acapulco Bay, and the Bahías de Huatulco. We use: - a free downloadable application that allows you to manipulate GRIB files. Slips: 110, from 30 to 200 ft They are marked by some kind of bouy at each end, and these end bouys are a few hundred yards. Clipping a lead between the radio and a steel rod that comes, into the cabin from one of the inner shrouds is all we need to do to listen to the SSB cruiser nets. A cheaper option is just to buy, some bedsheets and use clamps to clamp them onto the bimini and lifelines. We used Rains, Wood and Bansmer/Breeding on the Pacific coast and used. Sheltered by the extensive Gulf of Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsula in the east encompasses a similar climate to the Caribbean and is full of secluded coves and bays and … It was the same price as the more popular DC. I have gradually reached a point where I can listen to the thoughts of these fine people in their, own language. carried in even the tiniest one-room stores. From classical music concerts to art, exhibits to the Baja 500 and 1000 car and motorcycle races to the Newport-Ensenada sailboat race to tours of the, surrounding wine country to the Rosarito-Ensenada bike ride, to the very active running community, there are all kinds of. Latest. Click here for our Spanish Learning Tools page, I have met many cruisers trying to learn Spanish from courses on CD like Rosetta Stone. Classic Plastic: O’Day 27. This is a fun-to-watch and easy-to-digest introduction to Mexico from a cruiser's perspective, giving you lots of valuable information that isn't covered by the cruising guides. From 'World Cruising Destinations' by … and Garmin inReach (which also has GPS capabilities) have complemented the single-sideband radio and VHF. In our experience it is as Mexican as any. However, today Useppa Island and the members-only resort does allow transient dockage. We replaced our anchor and running lights with LED bulbs too, but those are specialty items we got, We also installed two LED reading lights that have turned out to be really great. Walk the docks of any marina from Vancouver to San Diego this summer and you're likely to find dozens of sailors fitting out their boats for extended cruising. I asked a Bolivian cruiser what the heck they were saying, and he said he couldn't understand them. Most cruisers use a handheld VHF, for that purpose, but all VHF radio conversations are public, and I prefer our conversations not to be broadcast all over the, If you will be cruising in the Sea of Cortez between May and October you will need a lot of shade in the, cockpit.